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Our Wine

Chardonnay: Citrus taste with a strong note of grapefruit. Crisp and light. Very flavorful. Stainless steel fermented and aged.


Pinot Grigio: Non-oaked, mildly favored with light citrus finish and hint of almonds. Delicate and light, pairs well with light seafood based dishes.


Riesling: Aromas of peach, grapefruit and anise. Flavors of white peach while rich and full-bodied with a long dry finish.

Cabernet Sauvignon

Cabernet Sauvignon: Mellow and mild yet hearty with a rich, deep red color. It is spicy in finish with aromas of plums and currants. Pairs well with beef and goose.


Scarlet: A soft and compliant, medium-bodied blend of merlot, cabernet sauvignon and syrah with hints of herbs, violets and plums. Scarlet is an excellent dinner wine for rich pastas, beef, or heavy chicken dishes.

Chambourcin Dry

 IT’S BACK! Chambourcin Dry: A fuller bodied red with aromas of mocha. Notes of black cherry and red apple with a velvety finish. Its spicy undertone pairs well with BBQ, pork, and grilled dishes.

White Zinfandel: Pale-rose in color, light and medium dry in finish. Aromas of peach and apricot with flavors of vanilla, raspberry and cherries. Pair with BBQ, turkey, veal and grilled fishes. Also, enjoy with a crisp fruit salad on hot summer days.


Moscato: Aromas of dense, perfectly ripe stone fruits marry with notes of vibrant flowers and star jasmine. Flavors of peaches and apricot combine quite smoothly.

Peace & Quiet: Smooth blend of the Niagara with a touch of merlot. Everybody needs a little Peace & Quiet in their life.

Niagara: Luscious and sweet with a nose of jasmine. “Foxy” in its floral flavor it finishes with hints of pears, apples, and lemons.

White Gold: Made from the Carlos Muscadine. Sweet and bold with a clean, fresh finish. Simply refreshing. Enjoy White Gold with fresh fruits, cheeses and nuts, also pair with spicy foods.

Rockin Red Label

Rockin’ Red: Official wine of the 2009 NC Muscadine Festival! Sweet Noble Muscadine, light-bodied and loaded with flavor. Great with blackberries and cherries. A native North Carolina Treat!


Seasonal Holiday Varieties

Celebrate Merlot

Celebrate Merlot

Christmas Joy Red Muscadine

Christmas Joy